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United States
Hey my name is Megan

I am from the Midwestern United States. I mainly draw for a hobby. I typically draw fanart, my and my friend's ocs, and sometimes the Presidents

I love history and plan to major in it in college. I recently got a tablet so more digital drawings will probably be appearing. Besides the tablet and normal paper I also draw on my ipad in Noteability and then transfer the drawing into a drawing app to color (if I do color, which isn't often).

I often leave this place abandoned but occasionally I update with my art. As well as this I have an art blog on tumblr as well as a regular one which I am on much more often. Feel free to follow me and enjoy

Tumblr: Causeimamerican (main blog)

Tumblr Art blog: Causeimanartist

The Wonders of My Mind

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 3:28 PM
I really wanted to use a journal skin since I have the premium membership for the day thing so tada! Nothing represents my profile for me more than Alfie (United States).

Now what to write....

Well I'll just make this info about me!

Howdy, my name is Megan last name not important. I am quiet obviously a US American and live in a state that you don't need to know the name of. I haven't been on Deviantart in awhile but still submit sometimes. I am mainly on Tumblr so you can look me up and find me there under the username causeimamerican (all one word). Hit me up if you are on there, I mainly post Hetalia with just other random funny things.

I am a self trained artist (which isn't saying much since I am not that good) but I still love to draw anyways and am getting better(ish) as time goes on. For the time being I mainly draw Hetalia but that will eventually change if (or when) I fall out the fandom. But that's probably not going to happen for awhile.
Random info about me:
I am in model un which is fun (sometimes) and since I know and watch Hetalia it makes things rather interesting during committee since I will keep thinking about the characters. In model UN I have represented Finland (World War Three Committee, we kinda sorta blew up the world...maybe), Austria (I STARTED world war three using my Navy. Fun fact, Austria doesn't have a navy! By the time everyone realized this I had already taken over the world, Spain (nothing exciting), countries who I can't pronounce or spell so out of respect I will not as to try and not offend anyone with my horrendous spelling, and then humans for cabinets. In one of them it was a 1960s/Cold War(ish) cabinet and we made operation Tiger Strike which sent Transformers controlled by Tigers to the USSR to attack them which ended up causing them to nuke us and we them. We blew up the whole world, yay us! Oh and in another one it was a historical committee so we were in the past and Batman showed up through a portal he made, sided with our enemies, gave them nukes then left. Also in that committee we traded with Star Wars (people in the Star Wars universe) and gave them all the tea in India (since the committee was about India) in exchange for some of their weapons and time travel! Model UN, always so serious.

More useless info that I am telling you just so that I can use this journal:
Since I am US American that means that obviously at some point my family came over here from another country (or countries). My families came from Ireland (whoop whoop!) and Germany (whoop whoop!) so I am kinda really pale XD. I love those two countries and absolutely want to visit them both, especially Germany even though I am predominantly Irish (75% Irish). I hope to one day go to both along with other countries like Netherlands, Canada, Russia (though that's probably not happening any time soon due to the current issues), Japan and many others.

I would love to use my art in the future as a career but I am not sure about this. I would also love to go into history, it is my all time favorite subject.

I think that is enough useless information about me that no one is gonna read. But if you are congrats for dealing with this rambling!

I really just wanted the skin XDD

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